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shiroan monaka

White Bean Monaka (白あんモナカ ):two thin wafers made of rice flour filled with white sweetened bean paste. Delicious, even if it sticks to your mouth.


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Stinky tofu

Stinky Tofu (臭 ): tofu that has been fermented in brine for several months, then deep fried. Smells a bit like garbage,  but actually is really light in flavor.

Night Market @ Taipei, Taiwan

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strawberry cupcake

Strawberry Chocolate Cupcake: Baked by a group of my 9th grade boys for Cooking class. It was delicious, and came with a surprise…

At the bottom of the cupcake were crunchy cornflakes!

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What is Kyuushoku ( 給食 )? Kyuushoku is school lunch, generally eaten by elementary and junior high students in Japan. Some schools have lunch made at a main kitchen, and then it is distributed to several schools. My school district is lucky to have individual kitchens at every school, so kyuushoku is made on site. Usually, school lunches incorporate local produce and products, and every meal follows a set nutritional standard. While the actual meal varies from day to day, it almost always come accompanied by a bottle or pack of 3.5% milk.

So starting this with this week, I’ll be posting my favorite lunch of the week.

This week’s Kyuushoku (school lunch) favorite is…


From the left going clockwise:

Mabo Tofu( 麻婆豆腐) over rice: firm tofu stir fried with ground beef and chili pepper. (spiciness toned down for school)

wakame soup with enoki mushrooms,

cucumber, carrot, and bean sprout salad : all vegetables cut into small pieces, then tossed with sesame oil and vinegar

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Kimchi Soup Noodle

200-250g napa cabbage kimchi including juices(白菜キムチ)(배추김치)

1 cup water

3 cups broth(I use bonito stock, but you can use chicken or beef etc.)

300-400 g sliced pork (any meat is fine, really)

tofu (silken(slice into large chunks and gently put into pot) or firm( cubed), whichever you like)

egg, hardboiled and peeled

garlic, minced

noodles (any kind of noodles are okay, i like kudzu noodles 칡 냉면 , and shirataki noodles しらたき because they don’t get soggy, no matter how long you boil)

1. Stir fry the meat with a little oil and garlic until cooked.

2. Add water, stock, and kimchi. Bring to a boil, stir occasionally.

3. Add tofu, noodles and egg. Bring to a boil again on medium heat.

**If you are using shirataki, don’t forget to drain the noodles first**

4. If it isn’t spicy enough, you can add kochujang chili paste.

The longer it cooks, the better it tastes ^_^

Makes about 4 servings.

Let me know how your soup turns out 🙂

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Choco Banana Ole

Choco Banana Ole: chocolate banana flavored milk in a cute carton. The infinity gorilla is <3!

Family Mart @ Yamanashi, Japan

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Usagi wagashi

Usagi Wagashi: a type of manju (steamed bread) filled with white anko (bean paste) and a honeyed kumquat. the kumquat is really sweet and refreshing.

Tea ceremony lesson @ Katsunuma, Yamanashi, Japan

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