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When I heard that Bubby’s Pie Co. had opened up a temporary branch in Yokohama, I discovered the amount of pie in my life was seriously lacking and headed there for a slice right away.

Key Lime pie!! I dislike meringue, so when faced with key lime or lemon meringue pie back home, I usually peel off the top layer of offending egg whites and have just the filling and crust.
Bubby’s got it right though, no meringue removal neccessary ūüôā

The perfectly tart and tangy lime filling paired with a crunchy graham crust was just the thing to satisfy my summer pie craving for the moment (though looking at the photo has me dreaming of pie again…)

While I doubt I’ll be able to find real key limes here, it’s not stopping me from looking up recipes and wondering if the Persian limes found here would make a satisfactory substitute.

Bubby’s Yokohama@Sakuragicho, Japan

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I can’t stop thinking about the garlic naan from my local Nepalese-Indian place. The crispy yet chewy bread fresh from the oven, studded with half a bulb of chopped garlic, and finished with a drizzle of ghee is just the thing to brighten up my summer gloom (that and sitting in the well chilled restaurant :))

 Japan seems to have plenty of amazing places to eat my fill of veggie curry and  garlic naan.  Now to find a place that does gulab jamun, laddoo and jalebi!

Taj Mahal @ Yamanashi, Japan

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