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A few weeks ago, a friends introduced me to Pierre Herme. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, I still could appreciate the rotating chocolate displays and the swanky cafe at the Aoyama branch of Pierre Herme Paris. I’ve been back 3 times, and had a chance to sample some of the delicious desserts and sweets. Although a little pricey, I say if you have the chance to visit, it’s definitely worth the trip.
I bought a box of their famous macarons to try. While the word macaron sounds like macaroon, the chewy coconut cookie, a macaron is a completely different cookie. Light, meringue and nut cookie domes with a chocolate ganache or a cream in between. Heaven.
From left to right:
Chloe: Raspberry and bitter chocolate ganache
*sweet and dark, the brilliant red and brown stood out, and the berry infused ganache was lovely.
Mosaic: Pistachio ganache, a cinnamon cream and griotte cherry halves
*easily my favorite of the box. the sweet creamy taste of pistachio goes really well with the tart cherry fruit and finishes with an unexpected cinnamon.
Rose: Light rose flavored cream
*the light pink outside gives way to a bright (very!) pink interior, and a light cream that doesn’t taste overpowering, or too much like perfume.
Vanilla: Sweet vanilla bean and white chocolate ganache.
*simple, creamy and was gone in a flash.
Citron: Tart lemon cream
*I seem to like my macarons with a little tart edge, this was no exception. delicious.
Caramel: Caramel cream with fleur de sel
*a bit on the sweet side, could taste the burn caramel, but no hint of salt.
Pistachio: Pistachio and white chocolate ganache
*glorious pistachio on it’s own, though the deep green color seemed to scream mint, not pistachio flavor.

Pierre Herme Paris Cafe @ Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan


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A gallete is a thin buckwheat crepe, usually filled with savory ingredients, such as meats or cheeses.
This gallete is filled with layers of ham, cheese and onion, then topped with a egg and a sprinkle of black pepper. It was really delicious! The gallete is crispy and light, and the fillings were savory and slightly sweet from the roasted onions.

A.E.L. Market @ Yamanashishi, Yamanashi, Japan

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Tomato based curry with potatoes, carrots, eggplant and pork over cous cous. Served with a green salad with ranch dressing, a side of roasted lotus root, potato, pumpkin, and mushrooms in a balsamic vinegar dressing, and soft fresh baked roll.

A.E.L. Market @ Yamanashishi, Yamanashi, Japan
(my new favorite restaurant)

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Sea bass: rolled in wheat flour then deep fried, served with fresh vegetables and a sweet soy sauce.

Blue Blanc@ Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan

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I finally made it to Blue Blanc this week. It’s an amazing French style restaurant in Fujiyoshida.
This was the appetizer to a course meal I had.

Soramame Potage: a creamy fava bean soup with a drizzle of olive oil.
Roasted duck:Tender duck seared with cracked black pepper.
Garlic rusk and strawberry toast
sweet pickles

Blue Blanc @ Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan

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