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Now that the summer heat has started to hit Japan in earnest, I’m starting to miss the chilly weather that hung on until just a couple weeks ago. I stayed at a friend’s place last weekend, and made these cute baked mini donuts. The mini part was a happy compromise, as we wanted to buy a full sized silicon donut mold, and could only find the mini version at Tokyu Hands.

Speaking of silicon cook and bakeware, they are suddenly very popular in Japan. There have been a ton of mooks (magazine books) coming out with recipes and free cookware, including everything from vegetable steamers to cake molds. Baking with silicon molds is being promoted as being the “healthy” option for making donuts, cakes and even churros. I don’t know if it is actually healthier, but it does make me want to fill my kitchen with rainbow colored bakeware! Baked donuts are leading the boom, popping up everywhere from Mister Donut to my local supermarket bakery. I can only assume that is why it was impossible to find a full sized silicon mold for donuts!

Using the mold is simple, we just made a batter using a store bought pancake mix, eggs, milk and butter. Then we added cocoa powder, green tea powder and kinako (roasted soybean) powder to make different flavored donuts. After spooning the batter into our mold, we baked the donuts for 1o minutes, let them cool, and started decorating.

It was an awesome way to spend a rainy Sunday morning. The only downside? Now all I can think about is other flavors of donuts and icing that still need to be tested!


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I fell in love with the pastie (pronounced past-e, not paste-e) while wandering down a back street in Newquay, and letting my nose lead me to this little pastie shop that sold these large baked pies shaped like gigantic pot stickers. Over the 2 months I was in town, I had my fair share of traditional Cornish and English cuisine, from the properly dodgy meat pie, the sausage roll, the cheesy chips and doner kebabs, but my favorite was the pastie.

Ozzie pasties seem to contain much more meat filling than I remember, and just being larger in general. Usually my favorite pasties are a tie between chicken curry or lamb and mint, but this massive meat and veggie pastie from a bakery in Deloraine, Tasmania, was perfect. The crust was flaky and went well with the simple meat, potato, and peas filling. Yum.

Bakery in Deloraine@ Tasmania, Australia

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