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The posh area between Harajuku and Shibuya, composed of Omotesando and Aoyama, is home to a large population of dessert shops and cafes. From Pierre Herme to Il Pinolo, you have ton of choices to get your sugar, cream and chocolate fix for the day.
The Berryz Cafe is right across the street from Pierre Herme, and has gorgeous displays of their tarts to dazzle you with choices. Every kind of fruit in combination with various types of creams and ganaches, in a vanilla or chocolate crumb crust.
Ripe fresh figs with a mellow cream cheese mousse in a dark chocolate crust with whipped cream.
*I’d never had fresh figs before, so I was surprised how juicy and peach like in texture they were. The light taste of the cream cheese mousse went well with the figs, though I think I would have prefered a vanilla crust in stead of chocolate.
Bananas in a banana cream in a chocolate crust, topped with piped chocolate mousse.
*This was okay for me, I feel like the chocolate kind of overwhelmed any banana flavor in the tart, but my friend really loved it.

There must have been more than 20 different tarts in the display case, and they have seasonal tarts changing every couple of weeks. I’m excited to try different flavors the next time I go, that is if I can stop myself from walking into Pierre Herme instead.

Berrys Cafe @ Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan


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If there is a dessert that Japan excels at, it would be the parfait. None of this single topping nonsense, instead the parfait is a work of art and balance.
Case in point, this Fruit and Yogurt parfait.
Fresh strawberries, pineapple and bananas carefully balanced on a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt, atop layers of soft serve and crunchy granola with dried fruit. All topped off with a swirl of whipped cream, strawberry sauce, a sprig of mint and a cookie pirouette.

Sunburst Cafe @ Isawa, Yamanashi, Japan

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Choco Banana Ole

Choco Banana Ole: chocolate banana flavored milk in a cute carton. The infinity gorilla is <3!

Family Mart @ Yamanashi, Japan

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