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I kept passing stalls in China stocked with this slightly creepy looking fruit, trying to work up the courage to try it. It looked like a yellow baby Cthulhu about to leap up and start chewing on my face. It wasn’t until we were about to leave the Kunming airport that I finally bought one. The clerk described it as having the skin of a lemon, but the inner texture of a pear.

The fuusho, or Buddha’s hand citron is actually a kind of citrus, completely pulp and juice less. So the inner flesh of the fruit that the clerk was referring to is actually pith, not unlike the thick white skin of a pomelo, only without the juicy fruit segments within. The outer skin is very fragrant, and gives off a lemony smelling oil, and the white pith is slightly sweet and chewy. I think I would not eat this again in raw form, but I’m thinking it would be pretty tasty candied in strips or grated into a marinade.

While the Buddha’s hand citron isn’t on my list of favorite fruits, it does top my list of fruits most likely to appear in a horror movie, or scare small children.


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A few weeks ago, a friends introduced me to Pierre Herme. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, I still could appreciate the rotating chocolate displays and the swanky cafe at the Aoyama branch of Pierre Herme Paris. I’ve been back 3 times, and had a chance to sample some of the delicious desserts and sweets. Although a little pricey, I say if you have the chance to visit, it’s definitely worth the trip.
I bought a box of their famous macarons to try. While the word macaron sounds like macaroon, the chewy coconut cookie, a macaron is a completely different cookie. Light, meringue and nut cookie domes with a chocolate ganache or a cream in between. Heaven.
From left to right:
Chloe: Raspberry and bitter chocolate ganache
*sweet and dark, the brilliant red and brown stood out, and the berry infused ganache was lovely.
Mosaic: Pistachio ganache, a cinnamon cream and griotte cherry halves
*easily my favorite of the box. the sweet creamy taste of pistachio goes really well with the tart cherry fruit and finishes with an unexpected cinnamon.
Rose: Light rose flavored cream
*the light pink outside gives way to a bright (very!) pink interior, and a light cream that doesn’t taste overpowering, or too much like perfume.
Vanilla: Sweet vanilla bean and white chocolate ganache.
*simple, creamy and was gone in a flash.
Citron: Tart lemon cream
*I seem to like my macarons with a little tart edge, this was no exception. delicious.
Caramel: Caramel cream with fleur de sel
*a bit on the sweet side, could taste the burn caramel, but no hint of salt.
Pistachio: Pistachio and white chocolate ganache
*glorious pistachio on it’s own, though the deep green color seemed to scream mint, not pistachio flavor.

Pierre Herme Paris Cafe @ Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

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