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When we arrived in to Singapore, even though it was nearly 1am in the morning, the food court across the street from our hostel was open and bustling with people getting in their late night makan-ing. (Of course the first thing we did in Singapore was eat! )

Though the pad thai stall seemed tempting, this “dry” fishball noodle dish (mee pok) is a dish that I can’t help but associate with my childhood. In the summer, when the thought of eating a steaming bowl of noodle soup sounds daunting, my mother would make this dish instead.

You can choose from a variety of noodles, from rice noodles to egg noodles, as well as a few different types of fishballs. The flat egg noodles (mee pok) are served tossed in a scallion oil, chili paste and soy based sauce rather than in a broth, though it does come accompanied by a small bowl of soup. The noodles are salty and spicy, cooked until just tender they still retain a little bit of chew. While it may seem like there is an inordinate amount of oil in this, the scallion oil is fragrant and gives the noodles a silky texture that wouldn’t be the same without the oil. (So while your heart may shake a bit, your taste buds will thank you ;D)

 The Fuzhou style fishballs I opted for are slightly dense and mildly fish flavored as you bite into them, and the minced pork filling is a happy savory surprise that make the fishballs match well with the noodles. I love Fuzhou style fishballs 福州鱼丸,  but even in Singapore, they are harder and harder to find. (In Japan, they are nonexistent -_-)

Food Court@ Clarke Quay, Singapore


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