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*This post about my trip to Tsujiki was written before the March 11th earthquake, tsunami and subsequent disasters took place. After some thought, I have decided to post it as written. *

I know I really have no excuse for having been in Japan for 3+ years, and not making a pilgramage to Tsukiji. Some people have threatened to revoke my “foodie card” so to speak. So when a friend who shares my food obsession was in town for the Tokyo marathon in February, it was decided that we would make the trek out for breakfast sushi at 8am, and forgo the tuna auction earlier in the morning.
Nothing will wake you up faster than the smell of fish in morning! This are crates of dried bonito, or katsuobushi, which you might find as the main flavor component to Japanese dashi stock, or as tissue thin shavings atop an okonomiyaki. I seriously considered buying a bag of the freshly shaved bonito. However, sushi was calling us, so we headed to Sushizanmai.
Starting off with some tuna nigiri and kanimiso. The tuna was really fresh tasting, and the kanimiso is probably the best I’ve ever had. Sometimes kanimiso can be too stinky and salty that the crab flavor is completely obscured, but this was perfectly balanced, with a deep sea taste that made me want to order another right away.
However, there was other sushi to be had!
Tuna prepared 5 ways:
(left to right from the bottom left)
大トロ really fatty tuna
中トロ medium fatty tuna
赤身 tuna
あぶりまぐろ lightly seared tuna
まぐろ手巻き tuna hand roll

Even though Sushizanmai isn’t one of the fancy places to eat in Tsukiji, I thought the quality of the sushi was good. The tuna was some of the best I’ve had, and I would go back for the kanimiso 🙂


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