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I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these crunchy open-faced crackers topped with sharp creamy cheese and fresh tomatoes sprinkled with a little salt. The friend who introduced me to them calls them “Swedish sandwiches” and after the first bite, they are forever a part of my summer cravings. I moved coasts recently, and find myself back in the land of humid sticky summers. Any meal that doesn’t involve turning on the stove or heat is bound to become a part of my regular rotation. Particularly as tomatoes are currently plentiful and cheap, not to mention in season right now.

For one “Swedish sandwich”

– a piece of knackerbrod or crisp bread

– hushallsost ( or any kind of semi-hard cheese, I like Dubliner or a sharp cheddar)

– butter (softened)

– a slice of tomato

– salt

– fresh parsley or black pepper ( if desired)


1. Spread a thin layer of butter on the crisp bread.

2. Add thin slices or shards of cheese

3. Top with pieces of sliced tomato. Sprinkle a little salt over the tomatoes.

4. Top with fresh parsley or black pepper (if you like)






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My long suffering camera died last week, so I made a trip to Tokyo to pick up a new one. There are some restaurants in the metropolis that I seem to revolve around, like Din Tai Fung in Takashimaya or Soup Stock Tokyo in Shinjuku, but I went to some new (and delicious) restaurants this weekend.

My friend Maya took me to Chaika for some Russian food. I think while I tend to crave things like pho or dim sum, Russian food is fast becoming something I think about when daydreaming about my next meal. Chaika has some affordable lunch sets that give you a sampling of their most popular dishes.

I started off with a hot bowl of borscht, a tomato and beet based soup with beef and vegetables, topped with sour cream and dill. Good on it’s own, and makes for a great bread dipping soup as well.

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Clockwise from the top:
Saba Miso Nimono: a fillet of mackerel poached in a miso ginger sauce
Komatsuna soup: komatsuna in a light broth with fishcake
Kinpira: Gobo root, carrots and fish cake stir fried with soy and mirin.

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Clockwise from left:

Wheat toast with a almond paste on top.
Spaghetti Napolitan with bell peppers and ham
cabbage and sausage soup.

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