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Taipei and I have history.

It is a city that is a food lover’s dream, with so many different and unique flavors, and a lovely attitude towards all things delicious. However, the last time I was visiting Ilha Formosa, I had an unfortunate case of bronchitis. After a visit to a Taiwanese doctor, I was promptly restricted from eating anything spicy, oily, fried or cold. In other words, everything to be found at a street market was off the menu for me. Being ill is probably the only time when I am not hungry, and while I saw a lot of what Taipei has to offer culturally and historically, my experience with Taipei’s food culture was limited to some steamed dumplings and rice porridge that I could barely taste due to my stuffed nose.

 I was so happy to be able to spent some time over New Year’s to finally explore and eat to my heart’s content. I should be a bit embarrassed to admit how many things we ate in Taipei, but you won’t find a shred of regret! I was lucky to go with two friends who love food just as much as I do, and didn’t think I was crazy at all for wanting to try a different night market every night, or take a train out of Taipei just to eat dinner.



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The first thing I did after I decided to go to Nagoya for the weekend was to make a list. Not of things to pack with me, nor famous places to go see, but a simple list of the foods I wanted to eat. ^-^;;

Though Nagoya is a bit lacking in major sightseeing destinations, it makes it up by having plenty of food destinations. So onward to the tour!


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Kid’s lunch set at the Yucatan Grill: (clockwise from top) french fries, fruit cobbler, hamburg patty , tomato rice, and popcorn shrimp.

DisneySea@ Chiba, Japan

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My very first Brazilian plate 🙂 It was delicious!

Clockwise from the top:
Garbanzo beans and tripe
steamed rice
Black beans and pork
salad with fried potatoes, cherry tomatoes and a onion salsa.

Otio@ Ryuo, Yamanashi, Japan

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bibimbap kyuushoku

Friday’s lunch, my favorite, bibimbap!

Clockwise from the top:

bibimbap: sadly without kochujang to spice it up, but still delicious. lightly pickled bean sprouts, carrots and greens, marinated stir fried pork, and julienned egg crepe on steamed rice.

commercially made Japanese style shrimp shumai ( 賣)
Japanese shumai contain a starchy shrimp paste filling, versus a shrimp and meat filling that is more common in Chinese style shumai.

Wakame soup with enoki and shiitake mushrooms.

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shiroan monaka

White Bean Monaka (白あんモナカ ):two thin wafers made of rice flour filled with white sweetened bean paste. Delicious, even if it sticks to your mouth.

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What is Kyuushoku ( 給食 )? Kyuushoku is school lunch, generally eaten by elementary and junior high students in Japan. Some schools have lunch made at a main kitchen, and then it is distributed to several schools. My school district is lucky to have individual kitchens at every school, so kyuushoku is made on site. Usually, school lunches incorporate local produce and products, and every meal follows a set nutritional standard. While the actual meal varies from day to day, it almost always come accompanied by a bottle or pack of 3.5% milk.

So starting this with this week, I’ll be posting my favorite lunch of the week.

This week’s Kyuushoku (school lunch) favorite is…


From the left going clockwise:

Mabo Tofu( 麻婆豆腐) over rice: firm tofu stir fried with ground beef and chili pepper. (spiciness toned down for school)

wakame soup with enoki mushrooms,

cucumber, carrot, and bean sprout salad : all vegetables cut into small pieces, then tossed with sesame oil and vinegar

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