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My long suffering camera died last week, so I made a trip to Tokyo to pick up a new one. There are some restaurants in the metropolis that I seem to revolve around, like Din Tai Fung in Takashimaya or Soup Stock Tokyo in Shinjuku, but I went to some new (and delicious) restaurants this weekend.

My friend Maya took me to Chaika for some Russian food. I think while I tend to crave things like pho or dim sum, Russian food is fast becoming something I think about when daydreaming about my next meal. Chaika has some affordable lunch sets that give you a sampling of their most popular dishes.

I started off with a hot bowl of borscht, a tomato and beet based soup with beef and vegetables, topped with sour cream and dill. Good on it’s own, and makes for a great bread dipping soup as well.


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I finally went to the Ninja Akasaka restaurant and had a great time. The course dinner I ordered was lovely, but when dessert came out I had to contain a girlish squeal of happiness. ;P

This little frog is actually made of cheesecake!
The body is composed to a creamy lemony cheesecake, and filled with pieces of fresh fruit, and decorated with chocolate. The “lilypad” is a semi-sweet choclate biscuit, and the leaf is well, a leaf. The description was winter themed, so right after i took this photo, our ninja for the evening came by and sprinkled parmesan cheese “snow” over the frog.

It felt a bit wrong digging into this guy…but I finished every last bite!

Ninja Akasaka @ Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

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The posh area between Harajuku and Shibuya, composed of Omotesando and Aoyama, is home to a large population of dessert shops and cafes. From Pierre Herme to Il Pinolo, you have ton of choices to get your sugar, cream and chocolate fix for the day.
The Berryz Cafe is right across the street from Pierre Herme, and has gorgeous displays of their tarts to dazzle you with choices. Every kind of fruit in combination with various types of creams and ganaches, in a vanilla or chocolate crumb crust.
Ripe fresh figs with a mellow cream cheese mousse in a dark chocolate crust with whipped cream.
*I’d never had fresh figs before, so I was surprised how juicy and peach like in texture they were. The light taste of the cream cheese mousse went well with the figs, though I think I would have prefered a vanilla crust in stead of chocolate.
Bananas in a banana cream in a chocolate crust, topped with piped chocolate mousse.
*This was okay for me, I feel like the chocolate kind of overwhelmed any banana flavor in the tart, but my friend really loved it.

There must have been more than 20 different tarts in the display case, and they have seasonal tarts changing every couple of weeks. I’m excited to try different flavors the next time I go, that is if I can stop myself from walking into Pierre Herme instead.

Berrys Cafe @ Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

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A few weeks ago, a friends introduced me to Pierre Herme. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, I still could appreciate the rotating chocolate displays and the swanky cafe at the Aoyama branch of Pierre Herme Paris. I’ve been back 3 times, and had a chance to sample some of the delicious desserts and sweets. Although a little pricey, I say if you have the chance to visit, it’s definitely worth the trip.
I bought a box of their famous macarons to try. While the word macaron sounds like macaroon, the chewy coconut cookie, a macaron is a completely different cookie. Light, meringue and nut cookie domes with a chocolate ganache or a cream in between. Heaven.
From left to right:
Chloe: Raspberry and bitter chocolate ganache
*sweet and dark, the brilliant red and brown stood out, and the berry infused ganache was lovely.
Mosaic: Pistachio ganache, a cinnamon cream and griotte cherry halves
*easily my favorite of the box. the sweet creamy taste of pistachio goes really well with the tart cherry fruit and finishes with an unexpected cinnamon.
Rose: Light rose flavored cream
*the light pink outside gives way to a bright (very!) pink interior, and a light cream that doesn’t taste overpowering, or too much like perfume.
Vanilla: Sweet vanilla bean and white chocolate ganache.
*simple, creamy and was gone in a flash.
Citron: Tart lemon cream
*I seem to like my macarons with a little tart edge, this was no exception. delicious.
Caramel: Caramel cream with fleur de sel
*a bit on the sweet side, could taste the burn caramel, but no hint of salt.
Pistachio: Pistachio and white chocolate ganache
*glorious pistachio on it’s own, though the deep green color seemed to scream mint, not pistachio flavor.

Pierre Herme Paris Cafe @ Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

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Three yummy summer kakigori かき氷 shaved ice specials at Kihachi Ice Cream. In addition to the required shaved ice, these chilly desserts also come with a serving of Kihachi’s famous vanilla bean soft serve.

Yellow:Mango pieces, a citrus syrup, tipped with a grapefruit gelee.
This was my favorite of the 3, the sweet fresh mango goes really well with the tart grapefruit.

Green: The traditonal ujikinntoki 宇治金時 or sweetened red beans with a matcha syrup, topped with kanten 寒天 jelly pieces.

Red: Red raspberries with a scoop of annin purin アンニン プリン almond pudding, topped with a sweet raspberry syrup and condensed milk.

Kihachi Soft Cream@ Lumine building, Shinjuku station, Tokyo, Japan

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